Gavin Shapiro, Museum Zoetrope
Museum Zoetrope is a celebration of motion. Exhibited artists are invited to present a looping animation that conveys a personal experience or feeling, articulating their perspective and making it relatable through elegant kinetic principles. 
Exhibited work is presented through a radical and exhilarating interpretation of traditional animation techniques, inspiring viewers to appreciate the magic of animated media with childlike wonder, particularly within the context of a content-saturated world in which moving images have become taken for granted. 
Located deep within the white glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula, Museum Zoetrope’s remote location was carefully chosen to minimize distraction and draw viewers’ full attention to the exhibit. The arduous and lengthy journey to reach The Zoetrope is an important part of the experience itself, not only satirizing hyper-exclusive works of land art like Walter de Maria’s ”The Lightning Field” and Michael Heizer’s “City”, but also inviting viewers to reflect on the monumental efforts endured by the artist throughout the creation process before being able to see the completed animation themselves.
Ultimately, Museum Zoetrope is a piece of conceptual art, designed as a place where one can believe in the impossible, with the hopes that viewers will return home having experienced something they will never forget.

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