Gavin Shapiro, Too Much Information
June 23, 2023 - Ongoing
Gavin Shapiro’s work, at its core, is intended to make viewers smile. By juxtaposing hyper-serious technical meticulousness with lighthearted (and often adorable) subject matter, Shapiro presents a tongue-in-cheek worldview that pokes fun at exaggerated notions of self-importance and overintellectualism found in the traditional art world.
In Too Much Information, an eager bird is repeatedly crushed under the weight of a falling book. A metaphor for the artist’s own sense of futility in trying to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of technological advancement, the work is presented here at the Museum Zoetrope in the way it was intended to be seen: forty enormous oil paintings in the timeless style of Renaissance masters, set in motion through traditional real-world animation techniques.
More of the artist's work can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and his online portfolio.
A first-person POV recording of this exhibit in the Museum Zoetrope is available to collect as an NFT here
The original artwork is available to collect as an NFT here.
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